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Welcome at "Petra Scheltinga - vertaalservice en taalcursussen"!

Globalization, internationalization, living and/or working abroad, business in or with other countries - foreign languages are always important.

If you want to deal with short telephone conversations and e-mails, business talks or even set up a branche office abroad, it will always look more professional if you speak more than just al little bit of English, German or Dutch.

A good translation of your website, brochures, newsletters etc. is also important, because these texts are a kind of business card of your company.

"Petra Scheltinga - Vertaalservice en taalcursussen" can help you with the languages Dutch, English and German.

About me

I was born in Munich (Germany) and grew up and went to school in the town of Erding nearby. I studied German and English language and literature at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and at the University of Reading (England). After that I did my teachers' training for both languages in Nuremberg (Germany).

Since 1997 I have been living in Enschede (Netherlands), where I have been teaching German and English at different language institutes. In 2003 I trained as a teacher for Dutch as a Second Language.

I have been working as a freelance language teacher for different language institutes in the Netherlands and in Germany. I am also a member of "Taal Trainingen Twente", a co-operation of freelance teachers who offer custom-made courses and workshops in different languages.

Since 2001 I have also been working as a freelance translator for the combinations Dutch -> German and English -> German.

Language courses

I teachGerman, English and Dutch as a Second Language. For all theses languages there are courses on different levels.

Beginners: Here you learn the basics of a language, namely the most important words, phrases and grammatical features. This course is mostly about speaking, writing simple notes and messages and communication in everyday situations.

Intermediate and Advanced: Here the basic knowledge from the beginners' course is improved and expanded. The content of the course depends on your current level, your learning objectives and, if desired, your work (telephione calls, e-mails, dealing with colloegues and cusomers abroad etc.)

On all levels we will practise the four skills Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking, but it depends on your objectives which skills get prioroty. This can be discussed in a face-to-face conversation before enrolling for the course.

In-company: If there are more employees from the same company who want to learn a foreign language, it is possible to organize an in-company training. This training is measure-made so that it deals with the needs of your employees.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Two times a year, in February and in September we start with the preparation course for IELTS Academic. This course is for people who want to enrol for a course (e.g. master) in English at a university. In small groups we practise the academic use of English and train the four skills Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing so that you can achieve a higher band score.

For more information please click here.


If you need a text translated into German or Dutch, please contact me for an offer based on the text which has to be translated.